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“The Bitterness of Poor Quality Always Remains long after the Sweetness of a Cheap Price is Forgotten”

  • I have three sons and had planned to replace my carpet. I changed my mind and called Earle to see if he could clean my carpets and possibly save my Family room carpet that was trashed. He arrived with his truck mount, dual cleaning system, using the RX20 then followed by using the steam cleaning, Earle and Mike saved our carpets. Our carpets look brand new to the point where I was completely shocked. I will never use another carpet cleaner in Colorado Springs, Earle cleaned the entire house and was able to remove every stain. I also asked Earle about his air duct cleaning service. He returned the following day and cleaned all of my ducts. My family is breathing better than ever and I have noticed that I do not wake up congested. Fiber Bright's prices were more than fair for the service they provide. My advise to everyone, is do not choose a carpet cleaner based on price because you will get what you pay for. Thanks again FiberBright for treating my home like your own.

    Steve P. FRM Immunology
  • Fiber Bright cleaned/added stain protectant to the entire house and also our 2 couches, loveseat, dining room chairs and 2 kids chairs. WOW! Earle (and his assistants) from Fiber Bright are incredible! They are courteous and personable. They want to make sure the customer is happy and satisfied with their work. The carpets in the house look great and the furniture looks brand new! We have 4 small children and I couldn’t believe the food and juice marks that came out. I would absolutely recommend this company to anyone looking for superb quality at a reasonable price…

    Christine L.
  • The Fiber Bright crew arrived right on time and got to work. They were friendly, thorough, professional and cleaned my carpets better than they have have been cleaned in years. They use a truck mount system and my carpet was barely damp when they left. When they left, my floors looked better than they have in a long time and my house smelled clean and fresh. I paid a fair price, in fact, significantly less than I paid the last service, who did a less thorough job. I am very pleased and will recommend Fiber Bright Total Carpet Care to anyone who’s looking to have have their carpets professionally cleaned…

    Gabrielle B.
  • I hired this company to clean our carpets, which were dirtier that I realized. Earle and his staff came to our house right on time and cleaned all the carpets in the entire house. They had to work extra hard because the carpets were so dirty and had not been cleaned in years. As they were doing their work, I could see where they cleaned versus where they hadn’t yet and I couldn’t believe my eyes!!! I was overwhelmed by how clean the carpet much so that I got out my digital camera to take photos to show my wife when she got home. I was nearly speechless at the quality of their work, and I used many descriptive adjectives when I told them my reaction, such as “miracle workers”, “incredible”. “unbelievable”, “wow”, and so on. Fiber Bright is in a league of its own for carpet cleaning. They are very highly trained experts who have the best equipment available today, the products they use are the finest available, and their knowledge transcends everyone else’s. We have had our carpets cleaned by many of the franchises out there, and none of them even begin to compare with Earle and Fiber Bright. Their pricing is reasonable, too. We have a 4,200 sq. ft. house and they spent a little over 4 house cleaning 3 floors of carpet. I am convinced that Earle’s Fiber Bright company is the best carpet cleaning company in Colorado Springs. Because of Earle’s many years of cleaning experience, our carpets look brand new and were so dirty originally that we never noticed an ugly rust stain in our living room. It revealed itself after the cleaning and Earle and his crew treated it and it disappeared. I highly recommend Fiber Bright to everyone…

    Ron S.
  • We had very dirty 12 year-old white carpet. They cleaned the stairs, hall, two bedrooms and a bath with walk-in closet. The Fiber Bright guys did an excellent job on all areas and the nap came up beautifully. I was waiting to write a review until I saw how much resoiling there would be, but the carpet has stayed clean for several months. Their powerful steam cleaning equipment is very effective and I would highly recommend them.

    Jan D.
  • I am a Licensed Property Manager here in Colorado Springs. I have used Fiber Bright for the last 8 years on all my carpets, in all of my properties, including my own personal home. I have always found Earle and his employees to be pleasant to work with and just a pleasure in general. The guys are very courteous and pay attention to detail about small stuff that makes a difference to me. If I have an extremely dirty carpet, they will look at it and let me know if it can be cleaned or not. I have found after hundreds of jobs by Earle that there is not much he can’t get out. He has gotten stains out that I never thought would come clean. That makes all the difference to me as a Property Manager. One time my husband had spilled used motor oil on my cream-colored carpet right in the entry way. I was sure that we would have to replace the carpet, but Earle came in on an Emergency Call and applied some special degreaser or something on the carpet and to my AMAZEMENT it came clean. There are not enough words explain how grateful I am to him for knowing what to do and doing it better than any other company I have ever used…..

    Kathy B.