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Common Questions

“The Bitterness of Poor Quality Always Remains long after the Sweetness of a Cheap Price is Forgotten”

What method of cleaning do you use?

We use the Hot Water Extraction method, commonly known as the “steam cleaning” method. There are other methods, but this method attacks the dirt deep within the carpet fibers, safely and effectively. Our use of hot steam and a specifically formulated cleaning solution attacks the DNA of dirt, germs and most common allergens. Our state of the art extraction wands extract the solution from the carpet leaving your carpet 95% dirt and residue free. As a note, most carpet manufacturers recommend this method.

Are you truck-mounted?

Yes. Our machines are manufactured with 50 horse-powered motors. They simply haul! Many companies will tell you they are truck-mounted, however, most truck-mounted units are generally 18 – 24 horse-power which simply don’t have the cleaning or water liftpower to guarantee clean carpet.

What do I need to do before the crew arrives?
  1. Please remove all breakables, misc. toys, books, loose clothing, etc. from the work areas and clear off or out anything to be moved. Light furniture moving of sofas, tables, and chairs is provided. Large pieces i.e. beds, dressers, pianos, antiques, and plants can be cleaned around or should be moved prior to our arrival.
  2. Be sure to point out every spot that you are concerned about to your technician, and tell him what the spot or stain is, if you know. When we know what caused a spot or stain, we can be more successful in removing it.
  3. We’re here to help! Please talk with our technician with any questions or concerns you may have. We want you to be totally “wowed” with your cleaning experience!!
  4. Have an open parking space as close to your front door or main access door as possible. We will need access to an outside water spigot or water source as close to the driveway as possible.
  5. We would ask that you vacuum the carpet, but it is not required. Our equipment vacuums the carpet during the cleaning process.
How long will it take to clean my carpets?

It depends on the size of the areas, the number of areas and the condition of the carpet. We are able to provide a more accurate time frame when you contact us with the information.

How long will it take for my carpet to dry?

Generally, you can expect 2 to 6 hours. However, the weather is a factor when considering the drying time. If it is a nice, warm, dry day, the carpets will dry at a quicker rate that if it were raining or snowing. In the winter, we will always suggest that the thermostat of the furnace be set to approximately 72 degrees. This will expedite the drying time and offset the possibility of “browning” of the carpet. Other factors affecting dry time is carpet density (fiber type) and level of soiling. Your carpets will feel like they have been misted after the carpet cleaning is done. We remove 95% of the moisture that we put into the carpet back out. Upon request, turbo air movers (fans) are available to expedite the drying time. Also, you may walk on your carpet immediately after cleaning, but avoid wearing street shoes, as they may re-soil your carpet.

Will having my carpets cleaned cause them to soil quicker?

No, not when the carpet is cleaned with high-powered equipment and cleaned with the proper cleaning agent by technicians who have been properly trained. Dirt is attracted by residue left in the carpet. Our process leaves no residue.

How often should my carpets get cleaned?

Carpets should be steam cleaned every six (6) months in the areas that you live in most, always to include the steps, or if you have pets. Otherwise, a once a year whole house clean is sufficient.

If I have a carpet protectant product applied, will it really work to resist staining to my carpet?

Absolutely. We will always suggest having a professional protectant applied to help resist soiling by dirt, oil or water based spills. This additional product provides for extra time to clean up the spills before they are absorbed into the carpet fibers. This additional application helps to keep your carpet looking great in between professional cleanings. FYI… most carpet is manufactured with a dry soil protector but it has a limited lifetime and can be removed by simply walking on it over time. We recommend having it applied once a year to help your carpet retains its appearance and protect the value of your investment. There is an additional fee for this application.

If I have stains on my carpet…can you guarantee that you can remove them?

No. We will, however, evaluate the stains at the time of service and advise as to whether or not they can successfully be removed or if they can be treated and possibly be not as visible. There are some stains that are permanent and we can address them when you contact us. We pride ourselves in being “stain specialists” and confidently state that “If we can’t get them out … NO ONE CAN!!!” Some stains, i.e. red stain removal is an additional fee.

I have pet stains…. what can be done to pull them from the carpet?

We will evaluate the pet stains upon arrival. We use the most effective pet stain removal products manufactured, and, are generally very successful in removing them. However, there are factors that can affect the success of removing them such as the type of stain…. some pet issues can cause permanent discoloring. Also, if you have treated the pet accident prior to our professional attention, the pet issue can become permanent. We have seen cases where urine has seeped through the carpet into the carpet pad and onto the subfloor. We will inspect it and advise if the pad needs replaced and/or the subfloor treated. We ask that you call us as soon as you are aware of a pet accident so that we can advise you what you can do until we arrive. Pet stain removal is an additional fee.